Pelican Pool Safety Inspections  

Inspection Day

What happens first?

  • I talk to you pre-inspection and ask you some basic questions

  • I email you some fact sheets that will help you make the area compliant on the first visit.

  • On inspection day I will show you my licence and ask permission to take photos of your house and pool area.

  • Make sure any dogs or hazards are removed from the inspection area.

  • Ensure no minors under the age of 18 will be left unattended at the time of the inspection.

  • I may need permission to access inside areas of the house or neighbours yards in the case of common barriers.

  • If the pool complies I will advise the Pool Safety Council within 24 hours, pay for your certificate, and log the necessary details for the certificate to be issued. This can be accessed by any member of the public via the Pool Safety Council website and a copy will be issued to you.

  • If the pool fails to comply then the area of non-compliance will be discussed with you. If compliant repairs are made within 2 days then a Pool Safety Certificate will be issued. If the work cannot be completed in 2 days then a Non-Compliant Form (Form 26) will be issued and you have 90 days to rectify the pool area and have it re-inspected. Minor repairs may be made by the owner or myself on the day.

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