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Pre-Inspection Reports

Pre-Inspection reports are an ideal way to satisfy yourself what work is required to bring a pool up to current standards, or in a pre-purchase situation where the vendor has served a Form 36 that the pool is non-compliant.

Pre-Inspections are also a good peace of mind resource where you have constant visitors to your house, such as grandchildren visiting.

As Pool Safety Certificates are not compulsory until 30th November, 2015 this can save you the cost of the certificate but please make your intentions clear on your requirements.

If you book a pre-inspection then a Pool Safety Certificate cannot be issued on that inspection. If the intention is to apply for a Pool Safety Certificate then if the pool fails to comply a Non Compliance Notice must be issued by the inspector.

It is preferable that if a Pre-Inspection Report has been commissioned and major work has been undertaken then a second independent Inspector should be used to issue the certificate. If a pool is inspected to issue a Pool Safety Certificate and it fails to comply then the same inspector must be used for the subsequent inspections unless a special dispensation is obtained from the Pool Safety Council.

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